Interflection is a cloud-based blog thing that focuses on collecting and curating images I create, like or find interesting.  Consider it a digital sketchbook, or a “mood board” to use ding dong decorator terminology.


Site Rules:

  1. I can can post whatever I want.

  2. These images mean something to me in some way. I either created them or I was drawn to their subject, or the process and had to stare at them a lot.

  3. I will link to the original source where I found the image/post/media/item if I know where that is.

  4. Original content on this site – the stuff I produced – is mine, but nothing stops you from right clicking and downloading it/reposting it. In fact, please do!

  5. You can’t comment on the posts. Not everything on the Internet needs your opinion.

  6. If you really, really have a comment you would like to share with me, well… then… email me I guess.